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Welcome to the Terrace Tavern! We are a family owned restaurant and we believe that good food and a fun environment brings people together. In 1986, we opened our doors with a passion to share that philosophy. We have something for everyone on the menu, especially for the seafood lovers. So come and kick back, have a drink and forget your worries!


Capture the laid-back spirit of LBI with our nightly entertainment at Terrace Tavern where you are instantly transported to the simple pleasures of good music, food and great company. Featuring everything from reggae to rock, our entertainment line-up is “shore” to please and guarantees good vibes.
Mike pouring drinks at the Terrace

Our Story

For many decades, The Terrace Tavern has brought people together with good food, a fun environment and an unmistakable laid-back island vibe. We are a family owned restaurant and pride ourselves on our unwavering nostalgia for classic fresh caught seafood dishes, refreshing cold drinks and local entertainment. You sure don’t want to miss meeting our mascot Terry the Flamingo! We live by his motto, “Ride the wave”.

Terrace Tavern - Hurrican Sandy 2012
Terry has been with us since 1987. This friendly flamingo just rode in on a wave one day and no one knows where he came from! He has become quite the LBI legend! He has been with us through thick and thin. In 2012, when Hurricane Sandy hit, it left us with 3 feet of water in the restaurant, pretty much only the bar top was salvageable. That did not stop us. We were open for business one year later and never looked back since. We are proud to call the Terrace Tavern our home, so come by and say hello to Terry, kick back and remember how good life is on LBI.